Intertraverz Zrt | 1142 Budapest Teleki Blanka u. 6. | +36 1 383 7970

Mission Statement

INTERTRAVERZ Co, a company operating in a holding system, engaged in different business lines, offers economic infrastructure to her companies as well as to independent experts, advisors, necessary for completing a given task on a professional level. Considering EU norms, our business strategy is said to be flexible, corresponding to domestic market demands as well as exploiting new opportunities opened, with Hungary's joining the EU.


Intertraverz Zrt has a key role in the production and distribution of industrial detergents. Developed on the basis of decades of experience, the quality of our highly efficient and environmental friendly cleaning agents, Interacid and Interuniverzal is supported by a large number of stable partners.


The main activity of Intertraverz zRt is trading with a significant role in domestic and international level. Our aim is to meet the special needs and requirements imposed by our customers.

Project developement

The main objective of our projects is environmentally friendly and safe power and heat generation based on the utilization of by-products of agriculture, forestry, wastes and by-products of various processing industries.